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Why Do I Self Customize My Planner

Since I became a planner addict in 2015, my planners have all been self customized. I have bought a planner once in between using my self customized planners but that planner didn’t last long. I stopped using it midway and went back into my self customized planners. So why do I self customize my planner? I couldn’t find a planner that suit my needs From the very first planner, I’ve already self customized which is an A4 notebook that I […]

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My New Planning System

In my Christmas Planner Decorating post at the end of last year, I mentioned that I started using a new planner after my previous planner ran out of pages. With that planner, I went for a different format from my previous planners and I was decorating less. However, that planner didn’t last long. It’s not that it ran out of pages but I just suddenly stopped planning after about more than a month of using that planner. It was in […]

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My Planner Addiction

I’ve been a planner addict since 2015. I love planning my days to keep my life organised and productive. Along with planning, I love decorating my planner. This is my first planner, an A4 notebook from Typo, which I used as a daily planner at the start of 2015. I was regular with planning daily for the first few months but towards the middle of the year, I started being on and off in planning. By the last quarter of […]

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