The Importance Of Skincare

In 2015, I wrote a post about how I was struggling with caring for my skin and hair. I would be in the routine for awhile before stopping for months and although I wished for it to become a daily routine then, I’ve never succeeded in making it a daily routine until now when I’m having skin problems.

In a recent post written this month about my skin problem, I admitted that I’m quite lazy when it comes to the beauty aspect of life. Although I still don’t know what is really causing it, I highly suspect that it’s because I never maintain my skin with a skincare routine that’s why I’m having eczema now. It’s definitely a lesson learnt that skincare is so important since the condition of my eczema has improved after moisturizing frequently.

But is it too late that I’ve only just realized how important skincare is?

No, I believe it’s not too late since I’ve managed to improve my condition by moisturizing everyday. Although I could have prevented myself from having eczema if I’ve realised this fact earlier, what’s done is done and I don’t want to live life with regrets that I should have started maintaining and taking proper care of my skin in 2015.

Skincare is important not only to prevent skin problems, there are so many other benefits of maintaining the skin with a proper skincare routine.

1. Makeup Application

Having a moisturized face helps prevent makeup from getting clogged and flaky. Although I’ve realized this in 2015 and wrote it in the post then, I still failed to make skincare routine a habit. Probably because I’m not into makeup so I didn’t bother about keeping my face moisturized.

2. Confidence

Although I’m confidently embracing my skin problem now as mentioned in the recent post about my skin problem, it would of course be better if I didn’t have any skin problems. I will admit that confidently embracing my skin problem doesn’t mean I’m not bothered by the problems at all, especially when the condition on my face is the most serious.

3. Slows Aging

How the skin is cared for at a younger age affects the future, the older age. As age increases, the body changes and so does the skin. An older skin will become dull and wrinkle but with proper skincare at a younger age, the process of the skin aging to become dull and wrinkle will be slowed down. How the skin looks in the future depends on the skincare now.

I have been told years ago and even mentioned in my 2015 post that after 25 years old, skin will react differently and signs of aging will start to appear if i don’t do anything about it. Omg, now that I’ve thought about that, I’ve realized more about why I’m having skin problems. Since I didn’t care for my skin before I was 25, my skin has started to react negatively now that I’m already past 25. So it’s high time I take proper care of my skin to prevent more negative reactions.

Through this lesson, I’ve been actively giving my skin proper care. It’s been more than a month and I’m still going strong with washing my face with a facial foam and moisturizing it at least twice a day. Since the problems on my face are more serious, I care for it more but for my body, I’ve managed to at least moisturize once a day everyday.

Since I live in a tropical country and the sun will make my eczema flare up, I always make sure to be protected with sunblock whenever I’m going out. Finally I’ve succeeded in making caring for my skin a daily routine and maybe I should start caring for my hair as well before it becomes problematic like my skin.

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