Embracing My Skin Problem

I’ll start with how my eczema began which is the skin problem I’m having. I’m not sure when but definitely at least half a year ago, my legs were constantly itchy. At that time, I didn’t think much about it and just kept scratching whenever I felt itchy. This resulted in my legs having lots of scars now.

Few months later my face started breaking out. Red flaky patches formed around my mouth. I didn’t think much the first time I saw these red flaky patches and it healed quite quickly. My suspicions started when those red flaky patches kept coming back. It healed quickly for about more than a month before becoming serious and didn’t show signs of healing even after almost a month.

Since I work in retail, I often get questions about what is happening to my face and was advised to see the doctor when regulars who patronize frequently saw that my skin still had not healed after almost a month. I spoke to my mom about it and she agreed that I should see the doctor.

When I finally decided to see the doctor, my hand had already flared up a little. I only showed the doctor my face since that was the most serious and it was my purpose of going to the doctor but after examining my face, the doctor happened to see the few red patches on my hand that was on the table. She then went on to examine my whole body and diagnosed me with eczema.

After the visit to the doctor, I would tell them it’s eczema whenever customers from my retail job ask me about my face. Then there would be a next question about the causes of my eczema. Before I visited the doctor, I don’t know what was happening to my skin. After visiting the doctor, I don’t know what causes my eczema. It’s been a month since being diagnosed with eczema and I still don’t know what’s causing it but I do have my suspicions. Out of the many possible causes, I’m suspecting it’s either an allergy to certain food, beauty product or improper skincare.

Regarding improper skincare, I’ll have to admit that I’m quite lazy when it comes to the beauty aspect of life. I seldom moisturize which why I highly suspect that’s the reason I’m battling eczema now. I’m actually quite surprise at how much I’m moisturizing now. I was advised by the doctor to moisturize multiple times a day. In fact, I’ve also saw moisturizing multiple times a day on many articles while I was researching on eczema. Since then, I’ve really been moisturizing both my body and face multiple times everyday. At first I thought it was going to be chore to moisturize multiple times everyday when the doctor told me that but I immediately ease into it.

Along with my new moisturizing habit, I changed the products that I used. Since my face is the most serious, I opted for something gentle as advised by the doctor, other people I’ve met and through research.

I’m now using mostly Cetaphil products. Other than my moisturizer and sunblock as pictured, I’ve also switched my facial wash to Cetaphil. To sooth the red, flaky and itchy patches, I’m using the steroid cream prescribed by the doctor.

For my body, I’m using the Himalaya nourishing skin cream that I was previously using on my face. Since it can be used on the body as well, I decided not to waste it. There’s actually still so much left since I was only moisturizing once a while before. I was using the Nivea body lotion on my body previously but since I was only moisturizing once in a while before, there’s still so much left. Although I have lots of moisturizers for my body now, I believe it will all be used up soon with how much I’m moisturizing now.

As for allergies, I experienced a flare up on the almost healed red and flaky skin around my mouth after eating spicy food. I’m not sure if spicy food is the cause but I’ll experiment it again when the skin heals. Although I’m still in the process of finding out what food or chemical in a product is causing my eczema, I’m glad that my condition is better now. I don’t get red itchy patches on my body as often now and I’m embracing my skin.

I’ll admit that having eczema did affect me mentally as well because of how my skin looks with scars, scratches and the red and flaky patches. I remembered there was a week when my eczema was so serious until I stayed home the whole week. There was one day when I tried to hide myself at work and not serve any customers. Seriously, I should have just taken a sick leave that day. There was a point when I was so frustrated of answering questions about my face. Soon after though, I thought it all out. Through research and hearsays, I found out that eczema is a common problem so I shouldn’t be afraid.

Now I’m confidently embracing my skin problem and taking care of my skin with a proper skincare regime. Despite having the scars, scratches, red and flaky patches, I still wore shorts and tank tops. I go out whenever I want, no matter how much my skin is flaring up. I don’t try to hide from anyone. I’ll answer all questions that I get and accept any advice. If I feel the advice is beneficial, I’ll put more thought into it. If not, I’ll just brush it off.

So that is my eczema story and how I’m embracing it. Although sometimes I feel torturing when my whole body itches, I’m going to embrace it. Although moisturizing has become a habit, I’ll admit that there were a few times when I felt it a chore which I’ll embrace as well. It’s definitely a lesson learnt that daily moisturizing and proper skincare is so important, especially since the condition on my body has improved so much from all the moisturizing. As for my face, I think there may be other problems other than not moisturizing which I have suspected I may have an allergy.

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