What I Do At Home Being A Homebody

My mom asks me almost everyday what I do at home because she is always telling me that she can’t stay home all day. In fact, she’s not the only one telling me she can’t stay home all day. I do have others telling me before that even on off days, they have to go out for a walk or window shop because they don’t know what to do at home but I’m the opposite and I’m a homebody. I can stay home for days and to answer my mom’s burning question, here’s what I do at home.

1. Play games – I’m a gamer and make gaming videos, especially sims, so of course I spent most of my time gaming
2. Blog – Which is the reason this blog exist and I also have a Sims blog
3. Make videos – As mentioned above, I make gaming videos and I also make vlogs

The bulk of my time is spend playing games, blogging and making videos but there are many other things that I do at home occasionally.

4. Read – I love reading and hope to read more but I’m a slow reader and I don’t prioritize reading
5. Colour – I have an adult colouring book and I feel colouring is very therapeutic
6. Reorganize and clean my room – I’m always rearranging things in my room because I’m never satisfied with how my things are arranged
7. Watch YouTube videos – Sometimes I binge watch
8. Listen to music – I’m always on the lookout for new songs on Spotify and since I don’t have the premium account, it’s easier to explore on the computer because I can select a certain song to listen
9. Plan – I’m a planner addict and I like to decorate my planner, set goals and tasks although sometimes I don’t stick to it because we never know when last minute things will occur
10. Laze – I hope to one day be an active person but right now I’m not active so I get worn out easily and need to have days to just laze on the couch or bed, binge watch YouTube videos or listen to music while I enjoy a cup of coffee or tea

Since playing games, blogging and making videos already take up most of my day, an additional one or two more things such as reading or watching YouTube videos and the daily needs will make up my full day.

After listing what I do at home, I realise that my mom and the people who have told me that they don’t know what do to at home does none of these things that I do. Maybe they are active and need to be out and about, unlike me who is not active and need to laze. I don’t know about the others but I know my mom is an active person.

In conclusion, I predict it’s just a difference in personality. I probably just haven’t met anyone who is a homebody like me and does all of these things that I like and need to do.

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