A Day In My Life: Sick Day

Towards the end of last year, I fell sick which I’ve documented in a post about me being a weakling. I managed to recover just before the year ended but I began the new year sick. I fell sick again few days into the new year, just a few weeks after I’ve recovered. So as mentioned before, I spent most of the time sleeping when I’m sick and it’s no exception this time round. Other than sleeping, I definitely need to have my meals and take my medicine as well. Unknowingly, I’ve formed a routine during the few days I was sick which inspired this A Day In My Life about my sick day routine.

1.00pm: I always sleep in till afternoon when I’m sick since the cough and runny nose keeps me up every night until the wee hours. The routine is standard when I wake up, mostly similar to my normal routine which I’ve wrote about previously in my first A Day In My Life post about my most usual days. I go straight to the bathroom after getting out of bed to brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I’ll go back to my bedroom to put on my glasses. The only difference is at this point after putting on my glasses. Usually, I’ll make my bed but not when I’m sick. Since I’ll be back in bed in awhile, why bother making the bed.

So after putting on my glasses, I’ll go grab a cup of water and relax on the couch in the living room while I drink the cup of water and be on my phone which is what I’ll do on my normal routine as well.

1.30pm: Then it’s time to have some food in order to take my medicine. When I’m sick, I only eat two meals since I wake up late and don’t have much appetite. Soup is very comforting when I’m sick, so I’ll have soup based food for my meals such as the pasta soup pictured which I cooked but sometimes my mom will cook or takeaway for me if she’s free.

2.30pm: After eating, I’ll take my medicine and go back to bed but I don’t sleep straight away. I’ll be on my phone for awhile before sleeping the rest of the afternoon away.

7.00pm: When I wake up, it will be dinner time. Since my mom is usually available during dinner time, she will either cook for me or takeaway. I always watch TV while I have my dinner and being sick is no exception. After I’ve finished eating, I’ll continue to watch TV till 10pm. I used to watch until only 9pm but nowadays I’ve been watching till 10pm even on normal days because I’ve been liking the recent shows from 9 to 10pm.

10.00pm: I’ll finally have a shower. I know it’s a good habit to shower early and it’s even better to shower early when I’m sick but a sick me is always so reluctant to shower. After showering, I’ll be back in bed not to sleep but be on my phone. I don’t know how but I can be scrolling through my phone for hours till about midnight. So I’ll go into Facebook, scroll through Facebook, then go into Twitter, scroll through Twitter, then go into Instagram, scroll through Instagram and see the stories, then go back to Facebook, back to Twitter, back to Instagram and it continues. I’ll maybe go into a few more apps but these are the main ones.

I don’t normally do that, maybe I just have nothing else that I’m interested to do when I’m sick so I scroll through apps on my phone. When I do feel up to it though, I’ll be on the computer till midnight. It’s better being on the computer since there’s more to do rather than scrolling through the same apps on my phone repeatedly but most of the time I don’t feel well enough to be sitting at my desk.

12.00mn: I’ll finally stop scrolling through my phone for a few minutes to go take my medicine. Then I’ll be back in bed scrolling through my phone for another hour. If I’m on the computer, I’ll turn off the computer before taking my medicine and be in bed on my phone after I’ve taken my medicine.

1.00am: I know it’s good to have an early night especially when I’m sick but as mentioned above, the cough and runny nose always keep me up every night. My cough and runny nose seems to be better during the day which is why I’m able to sleep but it becomes worse at night, keeping me up. Despite not being able to sleep, I’ll still go brush my teeth and get ready for bed with hopes I’ll be able to fall asleep.

I tried but failed and will be tossing around until I’ll get up, on the night light and be on my phone scrolling through the same apps again that I’ve just went in about an hour ago. Then I’ll off the night light, try to fall asleep but still keep tossing around till I get up, on the night light and be on my phone again. This cycle repeats till I actually fall asleep.

So that is my sick day routine. Now that I’ve written everything out, I realise that it’s mostly similar to my lazy day routine minus the medicine, scrolling through the same apps on my phone umpteen times for hours and tossing around till I fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning. This means I’ll most likely be doing more Day In My Life posts and with this second post, I find that I actually do enjoy writing these Day In My Life posts!

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