My Cleaning Routine

As mentioned in a recent post about a day in my life, I like to spread out my chores throughout the 5 weekdays so that I get exercise worthy movement and sweat since I don’t exercise.

I live with my mom so we split the chores although I do more than her. My chores include changing bedsheets, mopping, wiping and a part of laundry. There is no fixed day to when I’ll do each of these chores but every weekday I’ll do one or two chores and I usually work on the chores in the evening. All these chores are done on a weekly basis except changing bedsheets and laundry.

For more details, here’s how my cleaning routine goes:

Changing Bedsheets

It’s done every 3 weeks and when it’s the week to change, I’ll spend one evening to change all the bedsheets.


As mentioned above, this is done on a weekly basis and although there’s no fixed day for my chores, I’ll usually mop on Wednesdays or Thursdays.


This is the most tedious out of all the chores because there’s so many pieces of furniture in my house but of course I won’t be wiping everything every week. Each week I’ll focus on one room and the few pieces of furniture that needs to be wiped every week, so if on a particular week I’m focusing on a room with furniture that has to be wiped weekly, then I’ll have less to wipe that week.


By a part of laundry, I mean washing clothes that can’t be machine washed and keeping the dry clothes. Most of our clothes are machine washed which is done by my mom and after washing, she will hang them up to dry. My part is to take down all the clothes when they have dried. Since my mom runs the washing machine and hangs the washed clothes twice a week, I’ll have to take down the clothes twice a week. As for washing clothes that can’t be machine washed, it’s done whenever there’s such clothes to be washed which doesn’t happen every week.

As a planner addict, I definitely do have my chores planned out in my planner. Since taking down the dried clothes depends on when my mom decides to run the washing machine, I’ll have to plan my other chores around that so I only do one chore per day but sometimes I’ll have to do two.

Having my chores written down in my planner is especially useful for changing bedsheets because I always forgot when I changed them. My mom can remember though and always reminds me it’s time to change bedsheets. Whenever her reminders come, I’ll check my planner and realise it’s already 3 weeks.

So this is my cleaning routine and frankly speaking, I always feel bummed about having to do chores. Having them planned out in my planner actually do help in making me motivated to keep the house clean, the beds clean and get the clothes sorted.

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