Christmas Planner Decorating

As a planner addict and planner decorator, of course my Christmas weeks are decorated Christmas themed. The week on my planner starts on Monday and since Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday which becomes a different week from Christmas Day, I decorated 2 weeks in the Christmas theme.

With my planner decorating, there are definitely stickers. I bought new ones and also used the leftovers from last year.

I bought the Christmas Weekly Kit stickers from Two Red Crafters on Etsy.

These are the leftover stickers from last year.

For last week with Christmas Eve falling on Sunday, I used the new stickers as my water tracker and to beautify Christmas Eve. As for the leftovers, I used the santas as bulleting except for the pay bill which I used a new sticker.

As for this week with Christmas on Monday, I used both the new stickers and leftovers to beautify Christmas Day. Same as last week’s, the leftover santas are used as bulleting and the new stickers are used a my water tracker although I’ve not written anything.

So this is how I decorated the 2 weeks in Christmas theme. I’ve actually been decorating less when I started using this new planner recently after my previous planner ran out of pages. These 2 weeks are the most decorated so far out of the weeks I’ve been using this planner but it was fun decorating and feeling the Christmas spirit!

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