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Sometime at the beginning of this year, I did a post on the links where I get the planner printables that I used from. Although now I mostly use stickers, occasionally I still do use planner printables. So I want to showcase the new printables that I’ve found and used recently.

In the previous post, I featured a few tabs and functional printables but this time, it’s almost all weekly kits.

The first kit is Golden Marble by Counting Sheepy which I used on a week in May. I love the gold colour and marble texture of this kit. I’ve been into minimalistic recently and the gold and marble does give the minimalistic feel.

There was a week in June this year that I was travelling and wanted to decorate that week with a travel theme. Since I didn’t have any travel themed stickers, I tried to find printables and found this Travel Planner Stickers by Fit Life Creative.

During the transitioning week from July to August, I used another set of printables from Fit Life Creative, But First Coffee Planner Stickers.

On a week in September, I used the set again.

Last month, October, I used quite a lot of printables because I was running out of stickers to create a colour scheme for the week and have everything I need included in my planner. I thought of buying more stickers but considering my income in lesser now as compared to the beginning of this year, I need to be careful with my spending. Since the book that I’ve been using for my planner is going to run out of pages soon and I plan to change the layout for my next planner, I thought I’ll buy more stickers with consideration of my next planner.

So the first weekly kit I used in October is Purple Stickers Weekly Kit by Organized and Happier.

The second kit is Spring Leaf by My Planner Life.

The last kit is Pumpkins and Leaves by Organized Potato. It was Halloween week and I decided to find a Halloween themed printable.

I used to write the day and date by hand but since I started using stickers, I never want to handwrite the day and date anymore. When I ran out of day and date stickers, I tried to find printables for it but there were no suitable ones. My cutting is terrible so I didn’t want those odd shapes that are hard to cut. Another criteria for me is solid colours to match the colour scheme for each week. Since I couldn’t find any, I decided to design it myself.

So the day printables that I’ve been using in October was self-made by me. As for the date, those are blank tabs that came with the respective weekly kits and I wrote down the date. I just mentioned I don’t want to handwrite the day and date but what I meant was writing directly on the paper of the book. I don’t mind writing it on a printable or sticker.

Regarding printables that I made, I did make another printable besides the day tabs. This other printable is a Cruise Travel Kit. There was a week in May when I was supposed to go on a cruise vacation and wanted to decorate that week with a cruise theme but I couldn’t find any cruise stickers or printables, so I designed it myself. I mentioned ‘supposed’ because that trip got cancelled last minute due to unexpected reasons. Since I’ve already decorated that week with my self designed cruise kit, I continued to use it for that week and changed up the days that I wasn’t going on the trip anymore.

A month later in June, I used the cruise kit again when I was really going on the cruise vacation.

So these are the printables that I’ve been using recently, up to about half a year ago. As for the day tabs and cruise kit that I made, those can be downloaded from my planner printables freebies page here on this blog!

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