My After Work Pamper Routine

As much as I wish to be productive after work, I’m always so tired when I return home from work. I used to always just go straight into bed for a nap but when I do that I always end up wasting the evening and night. The thought of having a 30 minutes nap always ends up becoming a 3 hours sleep and this further leads me to not being able to sleep later on at night. I’ve thought for very long about how I can change that, not only to not ruin my sleep schedule at night but also be productive after work.

Recently I came up with the idea of doing a pamper routine which will commence right after I reach home. Although it doesn’t make me fully energized, it will at least reduce my tiredness level a little and make me a little productive. At least I’m doing a little something instead of wasting the whole evening and night doing nothing.

So here’s how my after work pamper routine goes:

1. Steam eye mask and music

I’ll still lie in bed but instead of napping, I’ll do a steam eye mask which relieves and relaxes my tired eyes. The steam from the eye mask also helps to cure the grogginess and headache which I sometimes get. While doing the eye mask, I’ll listen to music. This is in case I fall asleep but the music also helps to keep me relax.

The steam eye mask that I use comes in unscented and a few scents. My favouite to use for this pamper routine will be the lavender scent which is known for it’s relaxing and calming effects.

2. Coffee or tea and reading or gaming

The next step is having a cup of coffee or tea while reading or gaming. If I’m still feeling tired, I’ll have coffee but if I’m not so tired anymore then I’ll have tea. As I enjoy my coffee or tea, I’ll read if I’m feeling up to it. If not, I’ll play games. The game can either be on my phone, tablet or computer depending on which game I feel like playing.

3. Shower

The last step in my after work pamper routine is shower but before I shower, I like to sit or walk around the house to have a little break from the drink and book or screen. Showering is known to make us fresh and energized, so that should make me less tired. I won’t be fully energized but I should be well enough to be a little productive.

Although I don’t usually plan anything on work days, I like to use that time after work to clear whatever tasks I couldn’t complete on the days I’ve planned to get it done. I’m glad that this pamper routine has been effective in preventing me from wasting the hours after work napping and not doing anything else, making those hours more fulfilling. What do you do in the evening after work?

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