How To Wake Up Early

I recently wrote a post on how I get motivated and productive by making a few changes to my lifestyle. One of the changes was to wake up early. As I’ve mentioned in that post, I was never a morning person. Unless I had work or school which required me to wake up early, I would always sleep in and never wake up early. I don’t go to school now so it’s only work but even if I’m off work, I’ll still wake up at around the same time as my work day.

Waking up early has been really satisfying and I’m enjoying my mornings so much. I’ve realised that I’m most motivated and productive in the morning up till lunch time. After lunch, my motivation level always starts to drop and I become less productive.

Before I successfully managed to wake up early everyday and make my mornings fulfilling, it was a huge struggle for me to wake up early. As mentioned before, I have a bad habit of snoozing the alarm and the consequence of it is waking up late. I tried so many ways to stop snoozing but even the most common method of putting the alarm far away from my bed didn’t work. So how did I manage to finally wake up early?

1. Put the alarm far away from the bed

I just mentioned that this method didn’t work because previously I was only using this method and that didn’t work. How I managed to wake up early is a combination of several methods. It is more than just putting the alarm far away from my bed.

2. Off snooze

I’m using the alarm on the iPhone and it will ring for 15 minutes before stopping. When I had snooze on previously, I will press snooze to stop the ring and continue to lay in bed until the alarm rings again when the snooze is over. Even if I put the alarm far away from my bed, I can get up to snooze it and go back into bed which is why just putting the alarm far away doesn’t work. With snooze off, I won’t think about pressing anything letting the alarm ring for 15 minutes which will make me irritated after awhile and get up.

There is a problem though because since I can get up to snooze the alarm and go back into bed, I can also get up to stop the alarm and go back into bed. Although I can go back to bed after stopping the alarm, it doesn’t always happen. Most of time when I get up to stop the alarm, I really get up. Despite that, it’s still better to take precaution since there is the problem which brings me to the next method.

3. Set multiple alarms

I set multiple alarms on multiple devices. Fortunately, I have 2 iPhones and I set the alarms on both phones with a 5 minute difference. My main phone which is the white iPhone is the actual time I want to wake up and my second phone will only ring 5 minutes later. The 5 minute gap is to allow myself to ease into getting up when the first alarm rings instead of having so much noise blasting at the same time.

Besides setting an alarm for the time I want to wake up on both phones, I set another alarm at 20 minutes later on both phones. That’s in case I go back into bed after getting up to stop the alarm or become immune to the tone and sleep through the alarm.

4. Change alarm tones

As mentioned just above, I have the ability to become immune to the alarm tone and sleep through it. After hearing the same tone for days, the sound of it doesn’t feel noisy to make me wake up. The way to overcome this is to change the alarm tone. There is no specific frequency as to when I’ll change the tone because it depends on when I become immune to the tone. Sometimes the tone becomes ineffective for me in a few days and sometimes it can be more than a week but once I realised the tone is not effective, I’ll quickly change it.

5. Go to bed earlier

My final way of getting up earlier is going to bed earlier. During my struggles of waking up early, I was still going to bed at the same time as when I was waking up late. That meant I slept lesser hours. After awhile, I realised that a reason I was struggling to wake up early is because I didn’t have enough sleep. I need around 9 hours of sleep but when I first started trying to wake up early, I was sleeping only 7 hours. At that time, I thought of reducing my hours of sleep by not changing my going to bed time but it didn’t work.

My body needs 9 hours of sleep, 8 plus hours is possible but definitely not lesser than 8. I couldn’t reduce my hours of sleep so the only way for me to wake up early while getting the same hours of sleep was to go to bed earlier. In fact, most of the time I’m just wasting time on my phone at night. So why not go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and be more productive in the morning instead of wasting time at night.

Wow, after typing everything out I’m really surprised by how much it took to get myself to wake up early. At first I only thought about putting the alarm far away from my bed which didn’t work because it’s really so much more than just that. Putting the alarm far away is only part of the whole system which won’t work on it’s own. Now that I’ve figured out how I can wake up early, I’ve been using these methods everyday and I’m very happy to be enjoying my mornings with increased motivation and productivity.

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