Enjoying Solitude

My mom asks me “how are you” almost everyday. Whenever she asks this question, I’ll ask her why she keeps asking this question. Her answer is always the same and that is because I’m always alone at home. In fact, I do enjoy being alone at home. I enjoy being in solitude. My mom and I have opposite personalites. She doesn’t enjoy staying at home and being in solitude which is why she always asks me that question.

As much as I enjoy the comfort of home, I definitely need to go out sometimes as well. Cooping up too many days at home is in fact unhealthy for the mind and body. However, I’m also in solitude when I’m out. I avoid crowded places and usually when I’m out, I’ll be hanging out at a cafe with a cup of coffee or tea and a book. Even though I’m surrounded by people, I usually in my own world ignoring the presence of other people making me feel I’m in solitude.

Not liking crowded places is the reason why I seldom go out on weekends because it’s crowded almost everywhere.

There is a reason why I call myself The Nerd because I’m nerdy in a few aspects. The most relatable aspects to being in solitude are my hobbies and passion. I mention that I’m usually at a cafe with a book whenever I’m out, that means I like reading. Since I write about books here on this blog, it’s obvious that I’m a bookworm. Other than reading, I also love writing which is why this blog exist and I’m usually alone hiding behind the computer writing my posts. Another computer based hobby of mine is gaming and again it’s hiding alone behind a computer.

Even when I’m at home reading or on the computer, I like to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Although I’m usually alone, it doesn’t mean I’m lonely. There is a difference between being alone and lonely. When you are alone but doing a ton of things, that’s not lonely. Since I enjoy being in solitude, I’m not lonely because lonely is a sad feeling of not having any accompany and I’m not sad of being alone.

I’m fortunate that my lifestyle gives me lots of solitude time but of course life isn’t all about yourself. Although I don’t like interacting with people, I’ll still do it when needed. The reason I don’t like interacting and communicating with people is because of my social anxiety. I do have a little fear when it comes to meeting people, especially new people I’ve not met before. I suppose that’s the downside of being in solitude too much.

Although I do hope to overcome my fear and social anxiety, I’ll still continue to enjoy being in solitude most of the time. Do you enjoy being in solitude?

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