A Day In My Life: Most Usual Days

10.30am: I usually get up at this time, occasionally a little bit earlier. Although I’ve been mentioning about waking up early and how I wake up early, I’m not exactly a morning person. I do hope to become a morning person but for now, it’s just a change from waking up at noon to waking up in the morning hours and experiencing abit of the morning.

So the routine is standard no matter what time I wake up. I go straight to the bathroom after getting out of bed to brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I’ll go back to my bedroom to put on my glasses and make my bed.

After that, I’ll go to the kitchen to get a cup of water then go to the living room to relax on the couch while I drink the first cup of water of the day and be on my phone.

11am: After a short relaxation on the couch, drinking water and being on the phone, it’s time for breakfast. What I eat for breakfast varies but on the day I took the pictures to showcase a day in my life, I had macaroni and cheese with ham.

11.30am: Finally it’s time to really wake up with a cup of coffee. I definitely need to drink a cup of coffee every morning. Even on days when I need to rush out the door right after I wake up, I’ll still have my daily morning dose of coffee.

I like to read a book while I drink the coffee but I’ll have a sip of the coffee first before I read. If not, I can’t concentrate on reading.

12.00nn: After a relaxing morning easing into the day, it’s time to get productive. At this time, I’ll check my to-do list that’s in my planner and plan a few more days ahead which is how I usually plan. Then I’ll switch on the computer and start working, mainly on writing blog posts and doing other blog related tasks.

2.00pm: I’ll usually be on the computer for about 2 hours before finally getting out of my sleepwear. I’ll only change out of my sleepwear if I’m going out. On days that I don’t go out, I’ll stay in my sleepwear the whole day.

This day in my life post involves going out so I’ll change clothes, put on my makeup and pack my bag. In simple terms, it’s getting ready to go out. Since I don’t go out on some days, I’ll be doing another day in my life post that doesn’t involve going out.

2.30pm: Out of the house I go to the bus stop to hop on a bus to wherever I choose to go that day. I’ll usually go for lunch first and on the day I took the pictures to showcase a day in my life, I chose to go to the KFC nearest to my house.

As mentioned before, although I like hanging out at cafes whenever I go out, I also like hanging out at fast food restaurants and will go there once in a while. I’ll stay at the cafe or fast food restaurant for around 2 hours to read, play games and work on my tablet after having my lunch. If it’s a fast food restaurant, I’ll have my lunch then continue staying there but if it’s a cafe, I’ll usually have lunch somewhere else before going to the cafe for coffee or tea and spend the 2 hours there.

5.00pm: After I’ve had enough of reading and being on the tablet, I’ll go for a walk. I’ll usually have my walk at the vicinity of the cafe or fast food restaurant. This is the time when I’ll run the occasional errands and buy necessities or gorceries.

6.30pm: At this time I’ll be home doing chores. Since I don’t excerise, I like to spread out my chores throughout the 5 weekdays so that at least I get some exercise worthy movement and sweat.

7.00pm: After getting all sweaty from doing chores, it’s time for a shower to freshen up for the night.

7.30pm: Dinner time is usually my relaxation time. I know it’s not good but I like to watch TV or YouTube videos while I eat.

9.00pm: It’s not that I eat for one and a half hours but if I’m watching TV, the show ends at 9pm and I’ll usually continue watching till it ends although I’ve finished eating. After the show ends, I’ll be on the computer. I’m most inspired and motivated in the mornings and nights, so these are the best times for me to be working on blog posts. Sometimes I’ll play games after I’m done with the blog posts and other blog related tasks.

12.30am: Finally it’s time to end my day and wind down. I’ll switch on the aircon, lay in bed and be on my phone. I know it’s recommended to not be looking at electronic devices about an hour before bed for a better sleep because of the blue light these devices emit but I can’t, I’ll still be looking at my phone even right up till I switch off my bedroom lights. Not to worry though, because I have night shift on, so the screen will become red at midnight to reduce the blue light emitting.

1.00am: That laying in bed just above wasn’t actually meaning sleeping soon because I still need to get up to brush my teeth, apply my moisturizer and look at my phone a little more before finally switching off the lights and sleep.

So this is how a typical day in my life goes. As I’ve mentioned somewhere in this post, there are some days that I don’t go out. Usually I’ll stay home 1 to 2 days every week and although my day will be mostly the same except for the few hours when I’m out, I’ll still be doing another day in my post that doesn’t involve going out.

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