How I Get Motivated and Productive

Ever since I made a few changes to my lifestyle and routine recently, I’ve been very motivated and productive almost everyday. I won’t say everyday because you know, there will definitely be those days when we just want to shut off, not do anything, just laze all day and have some down time. On those days, sometimes I’ll be down the full day but sometimes I’ll be down for a few hours then get back into being motivated and productive. I’m just glad that this newfound motivation and productivity has lessen my number of down days. Being highly motivated and productive is something I’ve never experience before. The satisfaction from this is so overwhelming.

So onto what changes I made and how I get motivated and productive.

1. Waking up early

This is something that I only recently added into my life. I have never ever been a morning person before this. Unless I had school or work, I’ll never wake up early. By waking up early now, I don’t mean 6 or 7am, I mean 9am or 10am. Although it’s already mid morning but it gives me ample time to do my morning routine and get into my motivated and productive mood. It’s also a good transition from the time I usually wake up before this change which is after 12 noon.

I previously wrote a post on Bad Habits I Want to Get Rid and one of my bad habits is snoozing the alarm. I mention that a consequence of snoozing the alarm is waking up late. I’ve tried lots of ways to stop snoozing and wake up early but nothing worked, even the most common method to put the alarm far away from my bed didn’t work for me. Now I’ve finally found a solution which actually involves putting the alarm far away from my bed but it’s more than just that.

2. Reading quotes

I may or may not have mentioned this before but reading quotes is my source of motivation and it has always been. Before this change, I used to read quotes only when I’m down and need some motivation but now I’ve included reading quotes into my morning routine. After I wake up, brush my teeth and wash my face, I’ll have a cup of water. That’s when I’ll settle myself down on the couch and spend a few minutes reading quotes using my phone while I enjoy that cup of water.

Most of the quotes I read are on Twitter. There’s so many great quote accounts on there. My love for quotes is to the extent that I have a Twitter account just for quotes where I follow quote accounts and post my own quotes.

3. Planning

I’ve always been planning and I’m a planner addict. Since I write planner posts here on this blog, planning is definitely a big part of my life. I did make some changes to my planning system though because as mentioned in the post on Bad Habits I Want to Get Rid, I was overplanning and end up I could not stick to my plans. Now with the change in the way I plan, I’m able to stick to my plans. I won’t say that I get whatever I’ve listed for the day done but if there’s anything I couldn’t get done on the day that I planned, it will definitely be done within that week as compared to previously when more than half of my plans for the week wasn’t done.

4. Drink up

Since I got a new water bottle recently, I’ve been drinking alot more water and finally achieving my goal to drink more water. I carry that bottle with me in my bag whenever I’m out and when I’m home working on the computer, I have the bottle filled with water on my desk. I live in a tropical country where it’s hot and humid almost all the time, so staying hydrated is key. I’ve found out that when I’m feeling tired in the middle of the day, the reason is because I’m dehydrated. Getting sufficient water into my body throughout the day prevents me from feeling tired and restless easily which thus boosts my motivation and productivity.

5. Take regular breaks

Even with a whole list of tasks to be completed, I try as much as possible to take regular breaks. We shouldn’t be slogging on non-stop for hours and hours. There will be motivation and productivity at first but after a few hours, boredom and weariness will come. In order for the motivation and productivity to last throughout the day, regular breaks is important. By regular breaks, I mean a 5 to 10 minutes break after about an hour of work.

What I usually do during the 5 to 10 minutes break depends on whether I’ve been sitting down working on the computer or moving around such as doing household chores. If I’ve been sitting down then I’ll move around during the break such as going to the bathroom, filling up my water bottle or just walk around my house. If I’ve been moving around, I’ll be lazing on the couch scrolling through social media on my phone. The purpose of these breaks is to get away from the working environment and position that I’ve been at, either sitting down or moving around.

These are the few changes that I’ve made to my lifestyle and routine which has a great impact on my motivation and productivity levels. With these changes, I’ve been getting so much more tasks completed in a day and I can plan more things to do. These changes has made me so enthusiastic and passionate to be doing things most of the time instead of just lazing around and not do anything.

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