Bad Habits I Want To Get Rid

I want to live a healthy and positive life but currently that’s not what I’m living because of some bad habits. Here are a few main bad habits that I want to get rid for that healthy and positive lifestyle.

1. Snoozing the alarm several times every morning

The is my worst habit of all time and the consequence of it is waking up late. It’s fine if I’ve nothing on that morning but has negative impacts in the long run. When I’ve something on in the morning such as work, I always end up rushing. I’ve been cracking my head for ways to get rid of this habit. Unforunately, putting my alarm far away from my bed is not a viable solution for me. It works sometimes but not all the time because I can walk up to the alarm, snooze it and go back into bed.

A negative impact in the long run is having irregular sleeping hours. If I have work that day, I definitely need to be up by a certain time but when I’m not working, the time I get up varies because sometimes I snooze less and sometimes I snooze more. With a varying waking up time, it leads to a varying going to bed time at night because if I wake up later then I’ll stay up later and if I wake up early then I’ll go to bed earlier.

Another negative impact is skipping breakfast which is the result from waking up late. Having breakfast is important for a healthy lifestyle but when I wake up late, it’ll be too close to lunch and I’ll skip breakfast and go straight into lunch instead. Sometimes when I wake up late and have to rush to work, I’ll be skipping breakfast because I’ve got no time to eat before work and also won’t have time to eat while working.

2. Overplanning

Planning is actually a good habit to stay organized and be productive but I feel I’m overplanning. I haven’t been able to stick to any of my plans recently which triggers me to give some thought to the way I’m planning. I’m thinking I’ve put too much details into my plans. Sometimes the unexpected happens such as mood changes or impromptu events making what was planned unable to be done. I’ve been trying to put less detail into my planner and make it simple. It seems to be working for now but I feel there can still be even lesser details and be more adapative to any unexpected changes when the day comes.

With the change to a simple planning system, I’ll be able to stick to my plans and be productive instead of worrying and being upset about not getting what I’ve planned done.

3. Perfection

I’ve always been telling myself that life isn’t perfect, embrace imperfections, sometimes the imperfections are the most perfect but I still get into a rage when things aren’t perfect or doesn’t turn out the way I plan for it to be. Life isn’t always smooth sailing, sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t. My perfectionist character has got me into upset and depressed moments quite often because there will definitely be times when things doesn’t go your way.

To have a positive mindset with less frustrations, anger and unhappiness which is essential for a healthy lifestyle, I must first get rid of my perfectionist characteristic. I’ve been trying hard to embrace imperfections and accept whatever outcomes I get but at times, the anger and dejection still gets into me.

It’s not an easy feat getting rid of these bad habits but I’m determined, especially the first and last one on snoozing the alarm and perfection. Waking up at the time the alarm first ring and not snoozing requires some force at the beginning and getting used to subsequently. As for perfection, it’s all about the mind and changing the mindset is not easy. In fact, everything comes from the mind.

I’ve always love quotes and they are my source of motivation. Occasionally I do make quote pictures and I’m ending this post with one of the pictures I’ve made. I feel this quote is so true and very relatable the topic of this post.

When my mind gives me the will to stop snoozing the alarm, plan with less detail and doesn’t mind any imperfections, then I will have gotten rid of these bad habits and change my life to a healthy and positive one.

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