Huge Planner Sticker Haul

I’ve been seriously addicted to shopping on Etsy for planner stickers and I bought so much over the last few months. It’s great that I’m slowing down a little now and have stopped buying after this huge haul.

I’ve got stickers from 5 shops and a few from each shop which adds up to a lot! I really need to take a break and not go into Etsy for awhile.

Out of the 5 shops, I’ve purchased from 2 of them before which I’ve shown in my previous haul.

First is Two Red Crafters based in my home country, Singapore, which I bought 3 sets from.

This motivational quotes set is a repurchase which I also bought in my previous haul. Since I love quotes and do have a quote every week in my planner, I decided to buy this again.

They just released a new motivational quotes set at the time when I was shopping for this haul and decided to buy it too.

I came across this PokemonGo set and decided to buy it since I love PokemonGo. It’s one of my favourite games and I’ve been playing since it was released.

The second shop is Ellie Belle Prints based in Australia.

I bought a few of the girl icon stickers which are so cute and a sheet of the date cover sticker.

For the new shops that I bought stickers from for the first time, the first shop is Happy Seed of Star also based in my home country, Singapore. I’m really glad to be able to find shops that are based in my home country because it saves shipping costs. There are not many shops based in Singapore so it’s a joy to find them.

I love sitting at cafes for coffee and reading and I do mark down the days that I do this in my planner, so I bought these coffee stickers. I also bought a few date covers and the heart dots which I will use as bullet points.

The second shop is Strawberry Lime Designs based in the United Kingdom. I try to find shops from around the world.

I bought this candy set which I love so much!

I bought a sheet of the face mask stickers to track my skincare routine. I’ve used the stickers and was doing well with the routine at first but now I’m doing it less often than I need to. This is a routine that I can never stick to and I have no idea why! I have lots of headers from the sets but the checklists run out very quickly, so I bought a sheet of the heart checklist sticker. A fact about me, I love hearts and do have lots of heart shaped items.

The last shop for this whole haul is Coffee Break Planner based in the United States.

Since my planner is a self customized planner using an exercise book, I don’t have the day and dates already printed and will need lots of date covers. I used to write the day and date but now I like using stickers. I love reading and I track the books I read, so I bought a sheet of the book sticker and a tracker. I did buy a sheet of the book sticker in my previous haul but it’s running out here comes a new sheet.

Every purchase from every shop does come with freebies. I got the same freebie as my previous haul from Two Red Crafters and Ellie Belle Prints which I’ve already featured in that post, so here are the freebies from the 3 new shops that I’m purchasing from for the first time.

Although I’ve used some of the stickers from this haul, I still have a ton left so as much as I’m excited about shopping for more, I’m barring myself from sticker shopping till my stickers are running out.

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