PokemonGo Adventures: New Pokemon Update

In mid Februrary, there was an update with many new Pokemons to catch. Of course I was hyped and went out to hunt for these new Pokemons that just got released when I found out about the update. I had to work that day but went out for the hunt after work in the evening. Along with Pokemon hunting, I had dinner and went grocery shopping while I was out.

I went out with mom and while we were at the restaurant for dinner, I caught two of the new Pokemons.

First new Pokemon I caught that evening was a Murkrow.

Then I caught a Sentrat.

We went grocery shopping after eating and while at the supermarket, I caught a Sunkern.

Spinarak was the last pokemon I caught while I was out.

Later in the night I continued hunting for the new Pokemons when I was back home and caught a few.

First I caught a Wooper.

Then I caught a Houndour.

Followed by a Ledyba.

The last pokemon I caught that day was Hoothoot.

Excited about this update with many new Pokemons to hunt, I went out in the afternoon the next day after work and continued hunting but more about that in my next PokemonGo Adventures post!

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