PokemonGo Adventures: New Year’s Day

On the last quarter of last year, I didn’t play the game at all after the walk around Sentosa in my previous PokemonGo Adventures post. When I found out there’s new Pokemon to catch at the vicinity of my house on the first day of this year, I got back to hunting.

I had to work on New Year’s Day and went out to the mall nearest to my house after work where I started my hunt but caught nothing there.

I finally caught the Pikachu at the vicinity of the mall and it’s the Santa hat Pikachu!

As I continued walking, I caught a Vulpix.

I walked until the housing blocks and caught a Charmander there.

As I’m walking back to the mall, I caught a Kabuto and this was the last Pokemon I caught that day.

I did play for a few days after New Year’s Day before stopping for a month but the Pokemons I caught were those I’ve caught before. A month later in February which was last month, I got back to playing when I was overseas and became addicted to how I was when the game was released in August last year, so do come back for my next post about my overseas PokemonGo Adventure!

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