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For my first self customized weekly planner, I used mostly planner printables to decorate. Although now I’m starting to use mostly stickers for my second planner and can’t stop shopping for planner stickers on Etsy which I will do a haul soon, I still do use a little bit of printables. So in this post, I’ll be showcasing the links where I got those printables that I’ve used.

This week in October 2015 on my first planner showcases most of the websites that I got the planner printables from. I used a weekly kit, Black, White & Gold Sampler, from My Planner Envy. The workout tabs are also from My Planner Envy.

The large ‘Youtube’ and ‘Cleaning’ tabs are from Everything Etsy. It’s actually a blank label of many different colors and I typed in the text myself before printing them.

The small ‘Youtube’ and ‘Study’ tabs are from Diy Planner Love. It’s also a blank label with many different colors except that instead of typing out the text before printing, the text is handwritten after printing the blank labels.

As for the ‘School’ tabs, I made them myself. I was still studying then and wanted a school label. Since I couldn’t find any, I decided to make them myself which can be downloaded from my planner printable freebies page.

For this week in October and November 2015, I was using the Autumn and Halloween kit that I made. The school labels was the first planner printable that I made and after that, I got into creating more. Since Halloween was around the corner then and it was Autumn, I decided to make a kit revolving around them which can also be downloaded from my planner printable freebies page.

Other printables have been mentioned above except for the ‘H20’ tabs which is from Andrea Nicole Blogs.

I did use a few other weekly kits from My Planner Envy such as this Mint & Brown Sampler which was used on this week in November 2015. There’s actually a ton of weekly kit samplers on the website and lots of other planner printables!

On another week in November 2015, the weekly kit I used was All About Pink from Vintage Glam Studio. I did use a few other weekly kits from this website as well.

On this week in November 2015, I created a rainbow theme using the colorful large tabs from Everything Etsy which I’ve mentioned above. Most of the printables used this week have been mentioned except for the ‘Hydrate’ tabs from My Planner Envy and the ‘Beauty Bottles’ that I made which can be downloaded from my planner printable freebies page.

I started shopping for planner stickers on Etsy only at the end of the first week of using my second self customized planner. So for the first two weeks, I was using sticky tabs as headers and a few planner printables while waiting for my stickers to arrive. For this second planner, I’m going to stick on a quote every week since I love reading quotes and they are a great source of motivation for me. The printable quote I used for the first two weeks is by Wendaful Designs from the Variety Flags which the ‘Plan’ tab is also from.

Printables is a thing for my first planner. For my second planner this year, I’m transitioning to stickers since I now have an income and can afford to buy them. In 2015 when I was using my first planner, I didn’t have an income and my life was more carefree. Now I’m so busy and tired almost everyday I don’t think I’ll have the time and energy to slowly cut the printables when I plan although I still do use a little bit of printables. So buying stickers is the solution!

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