My Planner Addiction

I’ve been a planner addict since 2015. I love planning my days to keep my life organised and productive. Along with planning, I love decorating my planner.

This is my first planner, an A4 notebook from Typo, which I used as a daily planner at the start of 2015. I was regular with planning daily for the first few months but towards the middle of the year, I started being on and off in planning. By the last quarter of 2015, I decided that planning on a daily basis was too tedious so I switched to planning weekly.

This is my second planner which I used when I started planning weekly in October 2015 and ditched that big daily planner. I loved this planner very much since it’s self customized. I used an excerise book that was leftover from one of my previous schools and made a cover using colored paper to cover up the school cover.

This is an example of how I decorate the inside, one of the weeks in October, using planner printables. It was this weekly planner that actually got me into decorating my planner. I did decorate my daily planner but not as much until I started planning weekly.

I got very into decorating that I started making my own planner printables. This was the Halloween week in 2015 and I used the Autumn and Halloween kit that I created.

After that self customized first weekly planner ran out of pages mid last year, I bought this undated weekly planner from Typo. While using this planner, I’ve been very on and off with planning. I suspect the reason I started drifting away from planning was because I didn’t liked the layout of the planner.

This is how the inside of the planner looks, one of the weeks in October, when I did plan a little. I supposed I prefer the vertical layout which I used in my self customized planner than this horizontal layout.

Although I’ve not used up the weekly planner from Typo, I decided to ditch it this year and switch to my second self customized weekly planner using a school excerise book. I actually have lots of leftover excerise books!

Right now, I’m actually planning both weekly and daily, using the self customized weekly planner and also a daily planner that’s given by my mom’s company. The weekly planner is my main planner and I will definitely plan. As for the daily planner, I try to plan whenever I can.

With my new self customized weekly planner, I’m not only back into planning regularly but also back into planner decorating. I wasn’t decorating when I was using the horizontal layout planner from Typo, probably because of the different layout I wasn’t inspired to decorate. I struggled for quite awhile whether or not to ditch that planner since it wasn’t cheap and I actually really like the cover. However, I finally decided that since it was keeping me away from planning and making my life unorganised, I should switch to something that I will really use and be organized.

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