PokemonGo Adventures: Vicinity Around My House

The next day, I went out early before work to go around the vicinity of my house hunting Pokemons and collecting items from pokestops. I started my journey from my the park just beside my block, at the pokestop that could not be sensed from home. After collecting items from there, I walked to the other pokestop at the park to collect more items.

While at the park, I caught a gloom.

As I’m leaving the park, I caught a Pidgey.

It’s all housing blocks around the vicinity of my house so I walked through many blocks. At one of the blocks, I caught a Rattata.

After walking through those blocks, I arrived at the wet market where I caught these three. The bee was getting on my nerves because it kept escaping. I was on the verge of giving up because
if I continue, I will be late for work but I managed to catch it in time.

Later in the afternoon I went out with mom for lunch after work. Mom drove us to a shopping mall away from our housing area and I caught these there. The shopping mall has ‘water’ in it’s name and there’s a park beside the mall which I suppose has waters all around so the Pokemons I caught there were water type.

Being only the second day since PokemonGo is released, I’m very addicted so later in the evening when I got home, I did play and caught a Jigglypuff.

I did play at night as well and caught these three.

It was the holiday period for Singapore’s independence day so for the next two days I also went out with mom and of course I played PokemonGo. Look out for my next post for my adventures in that two days.

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