PokemonGo Adventures: The Next Two Days

Since it was the holiday period for Singapore independence day, I went out with mom for three consecutive days. The previous PokemonGo Adventures post was about the first of the three days and this post will be about the next two days. Being only the third day of release, I was still quite addicted.

On that day, mom and I went out for lunch at a coffee shop. While eating, I played the game and caught a Poliwag.

Then mom drove us to a supermarket and while walking to the supermarket, we passed by a food centre where I caught a Staryu.

We didn’t go out for long and went home after the supermarket shopping, so I only had two catches that day.

The next day, I only started playing in the mid afternoon although I’ve been out since morning. Mom and I had been basking in the hot sun since morning and when we were done in the afternoon, we were so thirsty and tired. Mom drove us to the shopping mall nearest to our house and we settled down at a cafe for a cold drink. While at the cafe, I caught a Poliwhirl, Vileplume and

We did go for a walk at the shopping mall and it’s vicinity. While walking, I had my game on to try hatching the eggs and my very first egg hatched.

A Magikarp came out from the egg.

This is the end of my three days out with mom and sometimes on days when I’m alone, I do go out myself. My egg inventory was full, so I went on a long afternoon walk a couple days later to try hatching the eggs. Look out for my next post for my adventures that day!

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