PokemonGo Adventures: The Following Week

Although I don’t play at home and I don’t go out specially to play the game anymore after the day mentioned in my previous post, I still do play PokemonGo whenever I’m out.

It was a Sunday and I was out for lunch with mom. We had lunch at a chinese restaurant and as I was catching this Venomoth, the waitress came to serve our food and saw me throwing the pokeballs. She seems surprised that there’s Pokemon to catch there and exclaimed in mandarin “there’s Pokemon to catch here?” All I did was laugh but yes there’s Pokemon to catch at restaurants.

After eating, we went to walk around the shopping mall we had lunch at and I caught a Nidoran.

This was in the middle of the week when I went to the foodcourt at the mall nearest to my house for lunch. While having my meal, I caught these four Pokemons.

I went for a walk around the mall after eating. When I was sitting at a fountain area for a break, I caught another Poliwag. I don’t catch Pokemons that I’ve caught before unless it’s a Pokemon I want to evolve. I want to evolve my Poliwhirl so I’m catching that and Poliwags for the candy to evolve.

I continued walking around the mall and caught an Ivysaur.

This was the next weekend on a Saturday. I went to the same foodcourt at that same mall nearest to my house for lunch after work. I didn’t managed to catch anything while eating but I stayed to play for awhile after eating and caught these two.

I wanted to sit at a cafe and read my book but all the cafes were crowded. Even the foodcourt that I had lunch at was crowded and the drink stall had a long queue so I didn’t stayed there for a drink and reading. In the end, I settled down at the cafe at the train station opposite the mall. While walking back to the mall an hour later, I caught a Poliwag and Tangela.

As I’m entering the mall, I caught a Gastly and another Poliwag at the entrance.

Back inside the mall, I caught another Tangela. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t catch Pokemons that I already caught and I’ve caught a Tangela earlier but I needed to take my revenge. I’ve actually seen Tangelas several times but it kept disappearing every single time I tried to catch it, so I was tempted to catch this although I just caught one few minutes ago.

Bulbasaur was the first Pokemon I caught when I started playing PokemonGo on launch day and I’ve not seen another one till then. Although I’ve caught it before, I catch this because the Ivysaur that I caught in the middle of week had quite high CP and I want to evolve it, so I need to catch this for the candy.

This was Sunday, the next day, when I was having lunch with mom. Metapod was the only Pokemon I caught that day while at the restaurant.

That’s all the Pokemons I caught throughout the week. Check back for my next post for more adventures!

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