PokemonGo Adventures: The First Night

PokemonGo was just released in my country few days ago. I’m from Singapore and few days ago, there was a mass release across South East Asia where Singapore is located. I’ve been patiently waiting for the game to be available in Singapore since I got to know of it in the beginning of July when it was first launched in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Finally one month later, I get to play it.

I will be blogging about my PokemonGo adventures along with a little about myself and my daily life, for you to get to know more about me. Since this game is about going out and about catching Pokemons, I thought of including snippets of my real life as well. Let’s begin this adventure with the day PokemonGo was released.

I was at work when I saw a tweet that PokemonGo had been released in Singapore. I don’t download applications using data because I have limited data usage. I had no wifi connection at that time plus I was at work so I had to wait till I got home that evening. I was tired when I got home from work so I chose to take a nap first. Finally that night when I was feeling active, I downloaded the game and that was when the addiction started. Yes, I’m truly addicted.

This was the first Pokemon I caught.

There’s a park just beside my block which has two pokestops. The game doesn’t sense one of the two poksetops from home so I can’t get much from it although it’s so near. Well, having one pokestop to constantly get items is very good enough.

With the pokestops, I actually caught lots of Pokemons from home. Rattata appeared on my TV.

I was standing by the window at my balcony and caught these three.

These three appeared outside the window with a view of the park.

This view of the park was from my kitchen and I caught another Caterpie there.

I also caught a Gloom from standing by the window in my kitchen.

Later in the night, I was playing by the window in my room and caught these.

The next morning I went out early before work around the vicinity of my house. I will blog about my adventures that day in the next post, so look out for it.

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