PokemonGo Adventures: Lunch & Hatching Eggs

When I do go out, it will definitely be for lunch at the mall nearest to my house or it’s vicinity. I would usually take the bus there but being addicted to PokemonGo, I decided to go on a long afternoon walk to the place I wanted to have lunch. It was only the fifth day since the game was released so I was still addicted.

I walked along the pathway and at the start of my journey, I caught two Zubats.

My main motive of walking instead of taking the bus was to hatch the eggs because my eggs inventory was full.

As I continued walking, I caught a Tentacool.

I passed by a gym and decided to give it a try although based on the CP, I definitely lost.

I arrived at my destination for lunch and as I was eating, I continued playing but there was no Pokemon spawning so all I did was collect items from this pokestop.

After I had finished eating, a Poliwhirl spawned and I caught it.

I had lunch at KFC and sat there for more than an hour to read my book. During the hour spent there, I also caught a Pidgeotto, Poliwag, and Horsea.

After leaving KFC, I decided to walk the long way home. Along the way, I stopped by the bookstore. A few moments after continuing my journey from the bookstore, a egg hatched.

img src=”https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3LgCuHCyMqM/WKP80rGROpI/AAAAAAAAAFc/tDjLY4h1ES0ZE0-sfIoGQiLlaYO5w7BqQCEw/s640/46d221_e4c8bede9f1f473c810e2a0c7c2a5517%257Emv2.png” width=”360″ height=”640″ border=”0″ />

From that egg came a Caterpie.

As I continued walking, I caught a Krabby.

Since one egg had hatched, a new egg went into the incubator. The other egg was almost going to hatch.

The journey continued and I caught a Squirtle. My original thought was to go home but I suddenly remembered I need to buy some food from the supermarket to stock at home in case I didn’t want to go out in the coming days. I was getting further from the supermarket I usually patronize but luckily, there was another one not far away from where I was currently at and it’s nearer to my house.

When I was almost reaching the supermarket, the other egg hatched.

In that egg was an Oddish.

I didn’t catch anything on the way home after grocery shopping, so Oddish hatching from the egg marked the end of my adventure that day.

PokemonGo was suppose to entice people to go out more often to be able to catch more Pokemons and fully enjoy the game but I wasn’t tempted to go out just to play. For a week after this day, I actually went out lesser than usual and I’ve stopped playing at home. I suppose my addiction only lasted for almost a week. I’m actually also not tempted to go on anymore long walks to hatch the eggs.

There will still be more PokemonGo Adventures coming up although I’m not addicted anymore because I still do play whenever I’m out, so do look out for my next post for more catches!

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