PokemonGo Adventures: Library & Park

I love reading and I do borrow books from the library so I visit the library very frequently, actually once every 3 weeks because the loan period of a book is 3 weeks. The library is quite near my house, so I always walk there and this time is no exceptional. It’s an estimated 15-20 minutes walk. The only difference this time is I have my PokemonGo on while I walk.

At the start of the walk, I caught a Cubone.

My main motive of having PokemonGo on while I walk is to hatch the eggs. As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I don’t go out specially to play the game so since I’m walking to the library which I always do, it’s one of my rare opportunities to make the egg hatch.

On the rest of my walk to the library, I didn’t catch anything. There’s a cafe at the library and I sat there for a couple hours, not only to read but also have lunch. The library is a gym in the game so I tried to fight but based on the CP, it’s obvious that I lost. I knew I won’t be able to battle without a strong Pokemon but I just wanted to have fun.

I didn’t catch anything at the library and this was when I was on the way home. Opposite the library is a park and I decided to walk through it. This Bulbsaur was caught when I was on the overhead bridge to go across the road to the park.

I caught a Spearow at the park. I’ve actually seen this Pokemon several times although this was my first catch. Previously I never catch it because I always mistake it for Pidgey which was one of the first few Pokemons I caught when I just started playing the game. As mentioned before, I don’t catch Pokemons that I already have unless I want to evolve it and need the candy.

When I was about to reach home, I caught a Clefairy.

I didn’t manage to hatch any of the eggs that day but I went for a walk back to the park a couple days later.

Sometimes I do go out for breakfast at McDonald’s and although there’s an outlet closer to my home, I went to the one at the park which was further so I could walk a longer distance. I will admit I was tempted to go for a long walk this time although I’ve mentioned that I won’t specially go on long walks. Maybe it’s cause the egg was so close to hatching and I really wanted to make it hatch.

On the way to McDonald’s, I caught a Sandshrew and Nidoking.

I didn’t catch anything at McDonald’s but as soon as I started my walk home, I caught a Nidoran.

One of the egg hatched.

It’s an Oddish again. I’ve got an Oddish from an egg before so this was the second one.

With one egg hatched, there goes another egg into the incubator. The other egg was almost hatching but it was a bummer that the distance didn’t count for the rest of my walk home after that egg hatched. The new egg is still at 0km and I didn’t catch anything. Maybe the game glitched after the egg hatched.

As with all games, there’s bound to be technical difficulties sometimes although I believe the other egg would have hatched if the distance did count. Well, it’s just a game and I have other opportunities to go for another walk and hatch the egg, so check back for my next post for more PokemonGo Adventures!

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