Hello Kitty Craze

I love hello kitty but i’ve never been in a big craze over it until recently. I’ve read stories of people who have their bedroom or house in hello kitty theme. Although i have been liking hello kitty for many years but i don’t have many things that are hello kitty.

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These are three of the few hello kitty things that i have, two nano blocks and a phone cover for my previous phone.

I suppose it was after an encounter at Typo that made me got deeper into hello kitty. Two months ago, Typo had a sale of hello kitty products and i got attracted into the store countless times and but it wasn’t until a month ago when i finally had a good reason to buy some of those products and couldn’t resist temptation.

Maybe all that frequent window shopping at Typo and seeing all those hello kitty products has brainwashed me. So for the past couple months, my mind has been filled with hello kitty. I changed my iPad’s wallpaper to hello kitty. I wanted to change my phone’s wallpaper to hello kitty too but i decided that i don’t want to be overloaded with hello kitty. Anyways, changing my iPad’s wallpaper is not the only thing i did. I have a folder for my monthly schedule, important notes and to file papers from school. My monthly schedule and important notes pages are self customized. I was using hearts, flowers and girl stickers to decorate them but now i’m incorporating hello kitty.

After the purchase, i didn’t stop visiting Typo. I still got attracted into the shop and constantly think of going to Typo just to see hello kitty products. A few days back, i bought more hello kitty things from there. One is a phone cover which i love so much although there was a little imperfection which i didn’t realized until a few hours later. I used a color tape to cover the imperfection and for some reason it looks good to me so i didn’t went to try for an exchange.

I knew i had a hello kitty pajamas which i didn’t wear for a long time until a few days back, i took it out and wore it. I suppose i’m getting into the hello kitty craze. I have no idea how long my craze will last but at least, i’m happy with it. I may have more things hello kitty but i can assure i will never have a hello kitty room. That’s a bit too much hello kitty for me!

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