Small Feet

I have very small feet. Well, actually hands too. At times, i wished my feet and hands were bigger but i’m already at an age where the chance of growing is extremely slim. I’ve also somehow come to an acceptance with myself. I like reading quotes and usually come across quotes that mean accept yourself for who you are so i accept the reality of having small feet and hands.

Although i’ve accepted myself, sometimes having small feet and hands can be frustrating. Not much for having small hands but for small feet, the most annoying thing is buying shoes. I’m a size UK 2 or 3 and it’s always a challenge to find shoes that fit. Years ago, i would just buy kids shoes if i can’t find any other shoes that fit but since this year, i’m beginning to not like kids shoes.

A couple months back, i wanted to buy a pair of heels for my graduation since i don’t own any and don’t want to wear flats. My mum and i went to several stores but nothing fits. Then we went to the kids department at a departmental store, there’s a pair that fits but i don’t like it. I felt that it looked kiddish. Although the salesperson and my mum persuaded me that it does not look kiddish, it didn’t change my thinking. Maybe i’m beginning to have the mindset that shoes from kids department are kiddish. On another thought, i’m actually drifting away from kids shoes these days.

I decided to try the women shoes department although my mum thought that i wouldn’t find anything there and didn’t want us to go. But luckily, we went cause i actually found a suitable pair of heels there. It’s a little big so a padding is needed to fit. In fact, most of my shoes have padding. It’s really difficult to find size 2 or 3 women’s shoe so most of my shoes are size 4 with padding. Not all brands have size 4 so getting a size 4 shoe is also not an easy feat.

2015-05-19 07.57.18 1
Wearing my new pair of heels at graduation

I ended up loving this new pair of heels so i wore it very often. It’s very comfy and doesn’t hurt even after wearing it for the whole day. I have worn other heels before that have worn out and those hurt after wearing it for a few hours.

2015-07-01 10.44.07 1
A closer view of the heels

2015-07-01 10.42.05 1

This is my another favourite pair of shoes. The shoe is from a Japanese brand and i found out about it last year. The salesperson told me that this brand have shoes that are of smaller sizes than others cause Japanese have smaller feet. I bought a pair of boots from this brand last year and this favourite pair is my second pair of shoes from the brand which i bought this year. This pair is also size 4 but has no padding so i wear thick socks to fit.

2015-07-01 10.38.34 1

This is my last favourite pair of shoes from all my shoes. It’s the only favourite kids shoes. Well, it’s Converse so i don’t really see it as kids shoes although it’s from the kids rack at the store. Since it’s classified as kids, so there’s no padding and i don’t have to wear thick socks to fit.

After getting to know about a Japanese brand that has shoes of smaller sizes last year, i found two other brands this year. One is the brand that i got my heels. When i was shopping one day, i came across another brand and told myself that if i were to buy shoes, i’m going for that brand.

So this is my feet and shoes story plus the shoes that i love. With three known brands that has smaller size shoes, finding shoes that fit me will be less of a challenge and i don’t have to resort to wearing kids shoes anymore. Well, unless it’s like the Converse then i will accept it.

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