The Gamer In Me

My love for gaming did not start only now. It started way back when i was only in Primary school. That’s like more than 10 years ago! I have no idea what made me got into gaming. Maybe it was just a natural thing. I didn’t thought i had been a gamer for more than a decade until recently.

I have been into Sims games lately and i have been playing The Sims Freeplay so much the past two months. I even started a second game on another device. I’m actually concentrated on the second game now that the first game is on the verge of being abandon. I’m so into the game that i don’t play it only at home, i play it everywhere i go if i brought my tablet along.

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That’s me playing the The Sims Freeplay in my hotel room during my recent stay in Sentosa.

A look at the game on my iPad when i was playing it in the hotel room.

Another occasion when i was playing the game at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf while drinking coffee.

Also two months back, it strike upon me that i have The Sims Deluxe CD-ROM which i haven’t seen for many years. Feeling tempted to play, i went to dig the CD-ROM out from the drawer, installed the game and played it. Playing The Sims Deluxe got me thinking that i have a few other CD-ROMs of other games and those have been around for at least a decade. So wow, i’ve been a gamer since Primary school.

Anyways, i was only playing CD-ROMs then. I always thought i had a computer only in Secondary school but this shows that i was wrong. Probably internet was what i got access to in Secondary school since i was only playing CD-ROMs in Primary school and then i started playing Maplestory in Secondary 1. Maplestory requires an internet connection to play so most likely it was internet that i had only in Secondary school.

I was quite a Maplestory addict when i started, actually for more than half of my Secondary school life. When i was quite close to my major exams in Secondary 4 which determined my next stage of education, my parents were so angry i kept playing non-stop and they actually unplugged the monitor from the CPU. With that, i can’t play and am forced to study. I went back to playing Maplestory a year later after my final major exams in Secondary school but i changed for the better.

I wasn’t addicted anymore and i played only occasionally. If i am not wrong, facebook games were the most popular thing around that time. Of course i did played quite a few games on facebook. I remembered vividly Pet Society and The Sims Social were my favourite but these two games are extinct now.

Then smartphones started appearing and shortly after, tablets were in the market. Soon later, i was playing games on smartphones and tablets. From then on, i was glued to The Sims Freeplay. An advantage of this game is that certain tasks require long hours of waiting which means for those hours, i won’t be playing the game cause i can’t continue the game until the time is up. This way i won’t be able to be engross in the game for hours.

Now, as an adult, i still love playing games but i know my limits. During my Maplestory addict years in Secondary school, i can even sacrifice sleep and have meals in front of the computer just to play the game. I guess as we grow up, we are more aware of what’s the priority. Now, i can don’t play Maplestory for months and have actually done that. Also, i do alot of other things other than playing games. Blogging is one of them and sometimes i vlog. I think of quotes and sometimes i go out to get some inspiration and take photos for quotes in pictures. When i play games that can get me engross for hours, i am aware of the current time and what time to stop.

I will always remember that it’s ok to play games but play within a limit. In fact, everything including eating or watching TV should be done in a limit.

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