Daily Dose Of Coffee Or Tea

My coffee and tea addiction began last year, i think. I don’t really remember but i can confirm that it’s only been a year or two. Before that i used to love milo and i drink it every morning but now it has changed to either coffee or tea. I drink at least one cup daily, usually in the morning. However, sometimes mornings can be a rush so i would have my coffee or tea at a later part of the day. Occasionally if i need some perk ups at the later part of the day, then i would have a second cup but i refrain from having it after evening. If not i would end up having insomnia that night.

I have no idea how or why i started drinking coffee and tea. Well, i actually started on coffee first. Maybe one day i was too tired in the morning and thought that coffee can wake up me cause milo doesn’t contain caffeine. But giving it more thought, milo is actually an energy drink. Hence, it should also be able to keep me awake.

Another reason would probably be the coffee machine purchase. My mom is an avid coffee drinker too so one day we bought a coffee machine.

2015-06-03 04.37.12 1
This is the Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

As with all coffee machines, there many different types of premium coffee we can make. Also for the first few weeks after buying it, i might be so excited about it that i kept making cups of coffee and drink. Well, that’s my reaction for almost anything that’s new. I’m always so excited to use it. This might be how i became a coffee addict.

Subsequently, i also started to like tea. Probably another thing that made me prefer coffee and tea more than milo is the variations. There’s only a few options for milo, adding sugar or milk or both or just plain milo. For coffee and tea, there’s so many options. In where i live, i got even more options cause we have the traditional nanyang coffee and the English coffee. I prefer the English coffee but i also like the traditional coffee. I like almost all flavours of coffee and tea. The only exception is black coffee or tea such as espresso. Those are so bitter and my tastebuds rejects bitter.

My coffee and tea addiction induced in me a favourite pastime, sitting at a cafe with either a book or tablet and sipping coffee or tea. I usually do this in the afternoon so if i have plans to spent the afternoon at a cafe, i will not drink in the morning unless i really need it to keep myself awake.


My all time favourite cafe is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I like quite a few of their coffee and tea but my favourite is the hazelnut latte which is featured in the picture together with my iPad and my favourite tablet game. However, it is pricier so i can’t drink it as often as i would love to. I used to drink it more frequently than now. Recently i’m trying to save money so i’ve been going to another cafe.

2015-06-03 04.05.32 1

Coffee Kaki is where i’ve been hanging out recently. It’s a traditional cafe and showing in the picture is Teh-C, meaning tea with fresh milk, which is my favourite. For traditional, i prefer tea cause sometimes the coffee still has a little bitter taste even with milk.

2015-06-03 04.32.10 1

I like white coffee too but it’s not commonly seen in Singapore. I had the white coffee shown in the picture in Malaysia, on my weekend trip to Desaru few weeks ago. I know of one cafe chain that sells white coffee in Singapore but it originates from Malaysia. My first contact with white coffee was also in Malaysia a few years back. So i think white coffee is more of a Malaysian specialty.

Besides enjoying coffee and tea outside, sometimes i like to enjoy it at home. If i have a luxury of time in the morning to prepare or i have nothing on, i like to slowly have breakfast with coffee or tea and play my favourite tablet game or go on Youtube. My ultimate favourite homemade coffee is from the coffee machine.

2015-05-26 04.13.43 1
Actually it’s not coffee, it is tea.

2015-06-18 10.22.19 1
Here’s how the Tea Latte turn out to be after going through the machine.

2015-05-14 12.45.51 1

Besides drinking coffee machine made coffee and tea, i do drink packet coffee and tea. In fact, before i got the machine, i was drinking packet coffee and tea. This is the Old Town white coffee in hazelnut flavour. It’s my all time favourite packet coffee. The reasons are obvious, one white coffee, two hazelnut, both are part of my favourites!

I have preferences for coffee and tea but i also like it mixed together.

2015-06-18 10.23.08 1

This is called yuanyang. After doing research, i found that it is popular in Hongkong and more commonly served in Malaysia. This is probably why i usually see this drink at cafes or restaurants that originates from Hongkong. Yes, the yuanyang in the picture is from a Hongkong cafe.

Other than all that i’ve mention, i also do like coffee or tea in frappe or ice blended.

2015-05-18 04.05.32 1
This is the hazelnut latte frappe that i had recently during lunch.

There are others that i do like but it’s really too many to feature on the blog cause there are just so many variations. Even for the traditional coffee and tea, i’ve seen a coffee house having coffee ice blended. It’s a mix of traditional and modern. So here are just some of my favourites and i would love to experience other types of coffee and tea soon. It’s like a hobby which gives me satisfaction and happiness.

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