Caring For My Skin & Hair

I’ve never been diligent in my hair and skincare routine although i always want to do it. People have been commenting about my skin and hair. Well, from the condition of my skin and hair, it does shows that i never maintain them. Some tell me that after 25 years old, skin will react differently and signs of aging will start to appear if i don’t do anything about it. I’m almost that age so it’s time to put in effort in caring for my skin and hair.

I do have several hair and skincare products but i usually only last for awhile then i stopped the routine for months. So after many years, i’m still using the same bottles or tubes. Last week, i finally got back into my hair and face care routine and i’m trying hard to be diligent. I want to call it daily routine but i can’t cause i’ve missed a day or two even in just one week of application. But my skin does feel different although it’s not daily. I’ve also seen a difference in makeup application after keeping my face moisturized for a few days. It feels smoother and the foundation doesn’t clog. Before i got back to the routine, i have foundation clogs on my forehead, nose and chin but now it’s all gone. So this shows another benefit of keeping up with skincare routine.

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I rearranged the products on my dressing table and arranged my daily hair and face care products in a straight line to keep myself motivated and also remind myself to apply these products everyday.

Moving on to body, i haven’t really started on it. It’s just moisturizer but in my one week of comeback, i’ve only moisturized my body once.


I’m using the Nivea Express Hydration and i keep it by my bedside. I also have a hand cream on my bedside to apply when i don’t use the body moisturizer. I have a skin peeling problem on my thumbs so they need to be more moisturized. I don’t need this to be a daily thing but it definitely needs to be more than once a week and for my fingers, a day or two more.

Cross fingers than this comeback will be permanent and not just for a few weeks or months then take a long break.

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